Barrier-free handrails to create new public services

The construction of public facilities has always been a matter of great concern to our government. For these public facilities, if the government does not build, then no one will be able to build it. The public facilities serve the majority of consumers and friends, letting the majority of Consumers and friends feel the care and contribution of the government. Are there handrails found in public facilities and facilities? It creates a brand new public service. Its use is [...]

Stainless steel grab bars &handle &screen&Hardware maintenance method

1.If the product is contaminated, please used cleaning cloth/wet cloth/sponge to wipe it while dry it naturally. Please do not use hair dryer to deal with it or use any chemical components fluid ( such as alcohol&washing liquid&bleach&vinegar or others detergent)to touch on product.In short ,don’t use high concentration acid or alkaline solution & Powder contacted to avoid damaged product surface . 2.It is recommended to clean  the product is one time in one month in order to extend the using life .Be sure to remove water stains to keep dry, otherwise there may be appeared water dirt on it.

Bathroom handrail installation notes

When installing bathroom handrails,you must first find a suitable location. Generally speaking, if there is no bathtub in the bathroom, then you can install a safety armrest beside the shower head. The use of bath products in the bath is very slippery. It will also cause the floor to become very slippery during use. The installation of a bathroom armrest is It can effectively protect your family. If there is a bathtub in the bathroom, it is best to install [...]

The importance of accessible facilities

With the continuous progress of our country’s economic medicine, the number of elderly people in our country is increasing, and thus the design of barrier-free is also more and more important. Perhaps in the past, barrier-free handrails only appeared in the bathroom or the bathroom of the family to prevent the elderly from slipping. However, today, barrier-free facilities are not only used in these places but also in public places. The first is the place of sports. Now the [...]

What are the contents of barrier-free facilities in public places

Barrier-free handrail are widely used.Especially in public places&kinds of bathroom&shower room. In the sanitary and living areas as well as some detailed obstacle-free equipment was included bathroom handrails, shower seat, bath beds, lifts, etc…But first of all, there must be corresponding space in the room. if no you can choose the folding type.Now all kinds of products mature, more comprehensive convenience. Barrier-free devices for hospitals include: barrier-free ramps outside hospital buildings, barrier-free handrails (including corridors, rooms, bathrooms), barrier-free lifts, barrier-free [...]

Barrier-free armrest used place classification

The use of barrier-free handrails is also divided into places, we specifically understand the next. Aisle corridor handrails: 1. The distance between the inner side of the armrest and the wall should be 40~50mm; 2. handrails should be installed solid, easy to grasp the shape; 3. Handrails with a height of 0.85m shall be provided on both sides of the ramp, steps and stairs; when two handrails are provided, the height of the lower handrail shall be 0.65m. Toilets, public toilets Barrier-free handrail safety [...]