Bathroom handrail installation notes

When installing bathroom handrails,you must first find a suitable location. Generally speaking, if there is no bathtub in the bathroom, then you can install a safety armrest beside the shower head. The use of bath products in the bath is very slippery. It will also cause the floor to become very slippery during use. The installation of a bathroom armrest is It can effectively protect your family.

If there is a bathtub in the bathroom, it is best to install a safety rail on the edge of the bathtub. During the bathing process, there will always be some splashes of water, the ground will be wet, and if you do not pay attention when you get up, you may fall and the consequences are quite serious.

When the bathroom handrail is installed, it is necessary to notice that the paint should not be placed on the handrail. The paint will have a great effect on the surface of the handrail. In addition, attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the handrail when using it. The cleaning agent should not be selected for those that are corrosive. Long-term use can result in damage to the handrail. For some difficult-to-remove dirt, you can use a liquid cleaner, etc. to do a careful cleaning, and then clean it with water.